CO2 Compliance and Sustainability


GLOBALOGCO2 by Global Aviation Emissions Ltd is a new, yet hugely experienced, name in delivering high quality emissions monitoring, low cost, reporting and compliance services to airlines and other operators.

Our partner GLOBALOG has provided services since aviation joined the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) a decade ago. Our team members have previously worked in aviation for decades.

Our team includes highly experienced aviation and sustainability professionals who have worked with numerous airlines and business jet operators delivering emissions compliance services for ICAO CORSIA, the EU ETS and the Swiss ETS.

Our advisory and support services provide airlines, aircraft operators, and the whole aviation supply chain with expert advice and hands-on support in emissions compliance, carbon offsetting, certified sustainable biofuels, improved operations, environmental strategies to enhance sustainability. We have proven success delivering efficient and effective support and solutions to airlines and operators and even improving airline bottom lines since 2008.

Wherever in the world you are located, and whatever the size of your organisation, we have the expertise across our global network to help you tick the right boxes on your emissions compliance and sustainability journey.

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Lean, efficient, safe, secure operations have always been an essential element for any successful airline or operator. And now expertly managing complex CO2 compliance requirements placed upon airlines operators and sustainability expectations is becoming essential.

As costs and staff numbers come under even greater scrutiny post-COVID, outsourcing is rapidly becoming an attractive option.

Our services include:

CORSIA compliance services

EU ETS compliance services

Swiss ETS compliance services

CORSIA pre-verification

Emissions data checks and reconciliation

Monitoring plan process checks

CORSIA project independent oversight

Outsourcing management of all emissions compliance activities



Aviation is an increasingly complex industry with numerous internal and external inter-dependencies and requirements. Increasingly customers and regulators are demanding that airlines and other aircraft operators, and their supply chains, become environmentally responsible and embark upon sustainable pathways.

Meanwhile, these operators need to survive in a highly competitive marketplace. Environmental regulations pile up and need to be complied with worldwide, kerosene prices and the economic situation fluctuate wildly. It’s a tough world for aviation managers.

With our direct hands-on working experience at organisations such as IATA, British Airways, and other leading international airlines, we are ideally equipped to understand the headwinds affecting our aviation industry.

We utilise our considerable operational and project experience to advise you on the most appropriate and efficient steps to resolve your issues, avoid pitfalls and deliver success.  We can also help you to identify opportunities for outsourcing niche and non-core tasks, supporting you in planning and migrating to them.


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